Tech Specs


Audio Equipment List

Permanently Installed into the Record Shop


8 x EV ZX1A90B Active 2 way Speakers – Installed around Ceilings

2 x EV ZX A1-SUBs 700 watt each Powered Subs – beside Stage

1 x Allen & Heath AH-ZED 10 FX Mixer – has 4 Microphone Inputs Plus built in Reverb unit – If more channels are needed you will need to bring in a small Mixer for beside Stage

1 x DBX Drive Rack PA system controller – digital

1 x Pioneer PLX1000 Professional Turntable with Shure Stylus Cartridge and Radial Active Pre Amp Di Box

NOTE: You will have no need for Monitors as some of the front of house speakers are aiming back towards the Stage

We also have use of the full backline, DI’s, vocal mics & stands from The Foundry venue upstairs when given enough notice.