Album of the week – Glass Animals “How To Be A Human Being”

This weeks top pick is Glass Animals “How To Be A Human Being”. Released August 26th 2016 it’s been gracing the airwaves for a little over a year now, and it just keeps getting better with every listen.

Forming back in 2010 in university, the boys have successfully produced a run of extended plays, a debut album and with a couple of world tours under their belt, the Glass Animal gents had a lot more to get off their chests. So their sophomore LP “How To Be A Human Being” was birthed.

The album opens up with a vibin’ jungle drumbeat, instantly sending you on a journey. Tasty samples start adding their way into the mix before singer Dave Bayley comes in with his unique vocal style and signature quirky yet realistic lyricism that everyone has grown to love. You’re already hooked but once the chorus kicks in you’re instantly taken on the groove train and it sails you through for the rest of the album. Another standout track is “Season 2 Episode 3”, with its funky video game-esk samples and somewhat “Gooey” vibe. It feels comfy, like a warm hug, but with extra zazz that leaves you wanting more. Other fab tracks on the album are “Mama’s Gun”, “Cane Suga” and “Poplar St”.

So if you’re up for a majestic lyrical journey or some smooth beats to help you get through the work week, then this album is highly recommended.

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