Whats on in Brisbane this Week! – 17th November


It’s been a long year and Christmas is fast approaching but you just want to whisk yourself away on a sonic journey and forget about your adult duties. Well The Foundry has you covered with their End of Semester Party, where you can blissfully part with any useless knowledge you’ve learned whilst listening to some ace tunes from local beauties Pink Matter, Full Flower Moon Band and Twin Haus. Alternatively, you could make your way down the mall to Black Bear Lodge as Brisbane singer songwriter BANFF releases his latest single ‘Renew’. If you’re after some moody melodies and lyrics over folk pop vibes then this is the gig for you.

End of Semester Party @ The Foundry  

BANFF @ Black Bear Lodge


Friday evening is teeming with live music to get you moving and out of the house. First up is a sneaky freebie gig at Heya Bar for their weekly HeyWire event, which showcases some killer local talent. This weeks’ sonic vibe is steered toward alternative rock with To The Planetarium and Average Art Club hittin the bill. However if you’re after more of a body shakin dance vibe then get down to The Triffid to get amongst the crowd for Confidence Man. Deemed “the best up and coming live band in Australia”, the electro supergroup are boasting their new single ‘Better Sit Down Boy’, and with the venue set to sell out, its sure to be a party! Sydney’s poppin alt-rock boys Lime Cordiale are hitting up The Brightside for their tour celebrating the release of their debut album ‘Permanent Vacation’. With both an 18+ and U18 show supported by Gold Member and Timberwolf, there’s opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Average Art Club/To The Planetarium @ Heywire 

Confidence Man @ The Triffid 

Lime Cordial @ The Brightside 


Finally, Saturday evening has some grunt to it. Melbourne’s genre defying enigma Ecca Vandal is gracing the stage at The Brightside, touring on the release of her recently released self-titled debut album. Imagine No Doubt was thrown into a thrashy punk club, then you kind of get the idea. Beautiful chaos with strong vocals, EV is really something not to be missed if you’re up for something different. Also, Brisbane metalcore outfit Bayharbour are calling it quits, but have given fans one last opportunity to see the band thrash out some tunes live with a farewell show at Crowbar coined “The Funeral”. With a lineup of stellar local heavy acts, get down and throw your body around as Bayharbour play one last time.

Ecca Vandal @ The Brightside 

Bayharbour @ Crowbar 



What’s on in Brisbane this weekend!


The weekend is packed full of killer gigs, so lets start with Sydney based rock chick Ruby Fields. She’s gracing yours truly, Foundry Records, with an under eighteens gig from four in the arv before hitting up Black Bear Lodge in the evening for the rest of her fans/mates. Touring on her recently released single “P Plates”, if you’re after some catchy melodic rock then get yourself to one of her shows.  Otherwise, if your Friday eve is in need of a concoction of alternative rock mixed with a hint of existential dread, then the boys from Jouk Mistrow have your back. Celebrating the release of their third EP “End This Mess”, the Brissy quartet take to the stage at their fave drinking hole The Foundry as part of Bedlam Records and Grain’s monthly instalment of “Why Thank You.” However if the Valley isn’t your scene then head on over to The Bearded Lady in West End and get your punk on as Brissy boys Hound release their first full length album, and on wax no less! Supported by Soviet X-Ray Record Club and Cold Cuts, it’s sure to be a night full of distorted guitars and heavy beats for you to head bang all your work woes outward.

Ruby Fields @ FR/ Black Bear Lodge 

Why Thank You @ The Foundry

HOUND @ Bearded Lady 



Saturday evening brings our fave psych pop boys The Belligerents to the stage as they celebrate the release of their long awaited debut LP “Science Fiction”. Bringing their new material out to play on tour, you can see the boys get groovy at The Zoo with special guests IVEY and Sydney-ites Bus Vipers. Tickets are selling quick for this one though so if you’re down to jive then get amongst. However if you’re after less dreamy psych pop and are feelin’ a harder, rockier vibe then head on over to The Foundry for Sydney’s hardcore lads Endless Heights. Touring around Aus on the release of their single “You Coward”, they’ve coined a stellar line up of mates such as Adelaide’s Horror My Friend and our Brisbane boys Vitals to keep the night alive. So come down, get out of the house and out of your head for an evening with some ace tunes.

The Belligerents @ The Zoo

Endless Heights @ The Foundry




Album of the week – Tool ‘Opiate’ EP


Tool “Opiate” EP

Released: March 10th 1992

Label: Zoo Entertainment


After forming in 1990 and spending the first two years as a band writing and playing live shows, Tool signed to alternative rock label Zoo Entertainment and soon after released their first Extended Play “Opiate”. Consisting of six songs and one sneaky bonus track, the EP rocks out hard and slaps you in the face continually with its punchy drums, heavy guitar and bass riffs as well as Maynard’s melodic yell style vocals. This album really allows you to dive in and experience early Tool and hear where the swells and musical development all began.

The overall sound of the album is quite raw and grungey, and you can hear where the music would have sat amongst the likes of Alice In Chains and Soundgarden, but with noticeably heavier riffs, which would later re-define heavy metal. Even this early EP proves how the band challenged the traditional metal sound and pushed the boundaries into a more progressive/alternative style of metal. The opening track starts off with a heavy groove that really sets the vibe for the entire EP, before Maynard comes in with his signature eerie vocals. The song develops from riff to riff before sending you into the second song on the album, the bands only single released off the album, “Hush”. The song is supposedly about music censorship, which is somewhat evident from the repeated “I can’t say what I want to, even if I’m not serious”. There are also two live tracks on the album, “Cold & Ugly” and “Jerk Off” which were recorded especially for the EP at a New Years Eve gig in 1991. Though live, the sound quality and playing ability isn’t hindered in the slightest, but instead maintains the drive and vibe presented in the previous tracks, yet allows you to feel closer and more engaged to the music. You’re then sent into the title track “Opiate”, which starts quite withdrawn but manages to build into the power storm that every other track on the EP has proved to build to. And just when you thought it was over, a hidden track plays that screams the influence of The Beatles’ “Within You Without You” mixed with The Doors’ “The End” but with an eerie melancholic Maynard twist that admittedly sends you down yet another rabbit hole.

Full of drive, groove and the beginnings of Tool’s varied yet definable soundscape, “Opiate” is twenty-seven minutes of your time you won’t mind giving up. All in all, whether you’re a lover of Tool or want to dip your toes into the pool of progressive metal, I would highly recommend giving this album a spin.



Local mates The Pierce Brosnans have their first ever headline show! Taking their somewhat light hearted but heavily energetic garage rock to Black Bear Lodge, it’s a great excuse to check out some raw local talent and get out of the house on a Thursday eve.


Pierce Brosnans @ BBL



Celebrating the release of their new album “Manual Override”, Melbourne soul funk outfit Saskwatch are hitting up The Triffid to release their magnanimous live energy. If you haven’t seen the sextet before but enjoy powerhouse female vocals, tasty riffs and a punchy horn section, then get along to the show. On the other hand, if you’re after some alternative tunes then The Foundry has got you sorted with local rock outfit Babaganoüj rollin back into town after a successful tour in Japan. Babs will be also be joined by Melbourne’s musical goddess Jess Locke for the release of her debut album “Universe” due for release 20.10.17, as well as indie rocker The Outdoor Type for the “Perspectives” EP release. With all these good vibes it’s sure fire to be a swell night. However if you need things turned up a notch then head over to The Brightside for local lads Osaka Punch for their “How We Operate” single tour. With their genre-twisting, high-energy prog rock-esk vibe and with killer supports such as Newcastle’s prog rock quartet Majora, come get sweaty and release the stress from the week with great tunes.

Babaganouj @ The Foundry

Saskwatch @ The Triffid

Osaka Punch “How we Operate Tour” @ The Brightside 


SAT 4th

Saturday welcomes an all ages show at yours truly Foundry Records as we desperately try to raise funds for local hardcore outfit Vitals, due to an unfortunate event where their private practice space was broken into and all their gear was stolen. This sort of crisis is both heartbreaking and devastating that there are people out there in our community that would even commit such treason. So in support, Blackwater Agency have put together a killer lineup of local loud boys, including post-hardcore legends Deadlights, to put some coins back in Vitals pockets to help replace their musical equipment. So come on down early, and support a good cause, or alternatively there is a gofundme link on the event page. However if daytime plans are already in place, then get along to The Woolly Mammoth in the eve for Rise of the Riff, an event collated by the Hobo Magic boys. The name speaks for itself as all the bands on the bill will be spittin tasty riffs all evening. So if you’re searching for grooves and beats that get you moving then get your booty to the show.


Vitals Benefit gig @ Foundry Records

Rise of the Riff @ Woolly Mammoth 


What’s happening in Brisbane this week!

What’s happening in Bris?


Thursday evening Brisbane tape label Kight are taking over Barbara for a local showcase. On the bill is Sunshine Coast lo-fi soloist Arjuna Gabbard as well as Brissy alt-rockers Twinfolds. So if you’re after a bit of raw local talent, then slide on in for a crackin’ house beer and some stellar talent.

Kight Night @ Barbara


Geelong boys ORB are making their way up to Bris for the release of their debut record “Naturality”. Imagine Black Sabbath meets Frank Zappa and you’ll start to get an idea of the fuzzey psych rock that will be oozing from our brother venue The Foundry this Friday. With supports The Gametes and Kitchen Floor, it’s set to be a phat time.

Orb @ The Foundry


Oh boy, get yourselves prepped because Saturday eve is packed with goodies to tantalize your earholes. The annual Valley Fiesta is taking place in various locations are Fortitude Valley and this year celebrates the events 21st birthday! With all public stages free and open for all ages, it’s a fantastic opportunity to support the local scene and get the kids out of the house and out seeing some live music. With the bill consisting of acts such as The Creases, The Jungle Giants, VOIID, The Jensons and Concrete Surfers just to name a few, there’s something for everyone, so come get involved. However if you’re in need of a Halloween fix then Crowbar and Netherworld have got you covered, as they join forces for their free event “Nightmare on Brunswick St.” With ghoulish face painting and an array of haunting live acts gracing various stages in the venues throughout the night, it’s sure to be a screamer of a night. And last but not least, Sydney metalcore lads Northlane are thrashing The Brightside’s outdoor car park stage for the Brisbane show on the Australian leg of their “Mesmer” world tour. With local mates Deadlights supporting along with Erra and Sworn in from the Americas, it’s sure to be a melodic meltdown of chaos and cheers. So, no matter what vibe you’re looking for Saturday night, the Valley has your back. Come get amongst the local scene and let out some steam from the week.

Valley Fiesta

Nightmare on Brunswick Street @ Crowbar and Netherworld

Northlane @ Brightisde Outside stage


Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life – Album of the Week!

Album of the week

Wolf Alice “Visions of a Life”

Released: 29th September 2017

Label: Dirty Hit (Independent)


Forming in 2010, Wolf Alice have developed a very organic following with the emphasis of their success based on gigging, the release of four EP’s and now two full length albums.  After their debut album “My Love Is Cool” successfully reached #2 on the UK charts in 2015, it’s safe to say fans were highly anticipating the release of new music to continue the love affair with the grunge pop Brit outfit.


“Heavenward” is the opening track on the album and starts big and open with reverb saturated guitars and Ellie’s ethereal vocals, before slamming you in the face with the angsty punk antics of “Yuk Fu”, the first single released from the album. With vocal screams and distressed guitars, the song pumps you up and fills you with a confidence that makes you wanna go pull on your jean jacket and doc martens and go yell at something. Following this angst is another shift in style, with “Beautifully Unconventional”, a soft rock 50’s bop number about staying true to yourself. The rest of the album continues to filter through different genre tags whilst still maintaining the signature Wolf Alice alt-rock vibe. From western ballad vibe to folky acoustic to a grunge fuzz whirlpool, this album pushes and pulls and sends you on a journey through all the feels, before finally winding up at the title track “Visions of a Life”, the grungey power ballad the whole album has been preparing you for.


It’s evident that this record is quite a leap forward from the previous album, with greater experimentation of sound and song development. I recommend chucking it through some headphones to really grasp all the layers and raw textures of the production. It may take a listen or two to really appreciate its differences from the bands previous release, but it’s truly worthwhile.

Whats happening in Bris this week?


Brisbane’s quirkiest pop rock quartet OJ Mengel hit the stage at The Junk Bar for an intimate acoustic sesh on their “I got the change for Kathmandu” tour. Joined by Miranda Kelly and The Queensland Drover, it’s set to be an evening of cocktails, mates and warmhearted tunes. However if you’re up for something a little more Riot Grrrl then get cho’self to The End as the gals from GUNK reunite to slam your ear holes with some of their punk grunge antics. Supported by local alt-rockers Start Together along with free entry and Rainbow beer on tap, it’s sure to be an eclectic evening. But if the valley is calling, Crowbar has got your back with a punk rock showdown. The boys from Semantics are releasing their debut EP, with the support of Sunshine Coast lads Lifeboat. Doors at 7:30pm and free admission, go have yourself a shiner of a time.

OJ Mengel @ Junk Bar

GUNK @ The End 

Semantics @ Crowbar


Sydney punk lords These New South Whales are up causing havoc in celebration of their recently released debut album “You Work For Us”. Playing at The Foundry with beaut local supports WHALEHOUSE and Sweatercurse, it’s sure to kick your weekend off with a bang. However if you’re up for something with a little less head bang and a little more groove potential, then head on over to The Zoo for Shower Beers. The bill sports Max Chillen and the Kerbside Collective along with Chesterfield Music, The Flamingo Jones and TRAILS, plus an abundance of froffies on the house, what more do you need?

These New South Whales @ The Foundry 

Shower Beers Max Chillen @ The Zoo


Finally, what’s a weekend without a bit of Custard, amirite? Well Woolly Mammoth has got chu good as our fave 90s Brissie boys head back out on tour for the release of their seventh album “The Common Touch”. After writing and recording the album in California, the lads bring back a redefined outlook on the indie pop sound we’ve grown to love. So pull out your band shirts and treat yourself to a crafty this Saturday eve.


Album of the week – Glass Animals “How To Be A Human Being”

This weeks top pick is Glass Animals “How To Be A Human Being”. Released August 26th 2016 it’s been gracing the airwaves for a little over a year now, and it just keeps getting better with every listen.

Forming back in 2010 in university, the boys have successfully produced a run of extended plays, a debut album and with a couple of world tours under their belt, the Glass Animal gents had a lot more to get off their chests. So their sophomore LP “How To Be A Human Being” was birthed.

The album opens up with a vibin’ jungle drumbeat, instantly sending you on a journey. Tasty samples start adding their way into the mix before singer Dave Bayley comes in with his unique vocal style and signature quirky yet realistic lyricism that everyone has grown to love. You’re already hooked but once the chorus kicks in you’re instantly taken on the groove train and it sails you through for the rest of the album. Another standout track is “Season 2 Episode 3”, with its funky video game-esk samples and somewhat “Gooey” vibe. It feels comfy, like a warm hug, but with extra zazz that leaves you wanting more. Other fab tracks on the album are “Mama’s Gun”, “Cane Suga” and “Poplar St”.

So if you’re up for a majestic lyrical journey or some smooth beats to help you get through the work week, then this album is highly recommended.

Whats happening in Bris this week Oct 11th


Start your weekend vibe early with a couple of great acts this Thursday. Firstly, Barbara on Warner Street are playing host for up and coming local lads To The Planetarium. With their alternative time signatures and post rock vibe, you’re in for a real treat. Secondly, if you’re a little more pop sensibility with your rock n roll, then Sydney boys PLANET have got your back. Playing at our brother venue The Foundry as part of the release of their single “Aching Dream”, PLANET are sure to get your Thursday eve movin’ so Friday doesn’t seem like such a drag.

To The Planetarium @ Barbar

PLANET @ The Foundry

FRIDAY  13/10

If you lost control of your bank account Thursday night then never fear, Heya Bar has got you covered (or at least the door price) with their free weekly event Heywire. This week local indie rockers Soda Jerks are on the bill with a fresh new single “Antipodes”. Written about homesickness and unreasonable sadness, come give your earholes something wholesome to start your weekend.

Soda Jerks @ Heya Bar  (Single Launch)


On Saturday afternoon we have a sneaky lil gig, Jacob Diamond from Perth will be gracing us with his golden locks and folky tunes for the release of his single “Blue Begets Blue”. So come along and chuck us a visit, local beauts Kieran T Stevenson and Jo Davies will also be serenading our earwaves, twill be a real nice afternoon. However, if you’re looking for a bit more party to send you into your Saturday eve, then the Jungle Love Festival team have got you sorted with their launch party held at The Zoo and spilling into Winn Lane. The night is stacked full of incredible acts from Fight Ibis to The Jensens, as well as a DJ stage and roving performance pieces. It’s a whole experience, very much recommended if you’re up for something different or think it could be your jam.

Jacob Diamond (WA)  @ Foundry Records

Jungle Love Launch Party @ The Zoo

SUNDAY  15/10

And last but not least, all you diehard emo kids out there, Eatons Hill Hotel has got a treat for you as the gents from Mayday Parade hit the road to play their ten year anniversary gig for the album “A Lesson In Romantics”. So if you’re up for some sad boy lyrics or a trip down memory lane, get out your blacks and sing your heart out before Monday comes knocking.

Mayday Parade – A lesson in romantics 10 year anniversary @ Eatons Hill Hotel  All Ages

Album of the week – London Grammar “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing”

Another album of the week, this time, British dreamy electro pop trio London Grammar have returned with their long awaited sophomore album “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing.” It’s been four years since the release of the band’s stellar debut record “If You Wait”, so its safe to say this album has been highly anticipated.

Upon my first listen I found myself instantly drawn in, with the band’s signature reverberative ambience and singer Hannah’s dreamy yet strong vocals. It felt like home, warm and comfortable. But there’s something different. Maybe it’s the members’ personal development or the push to create something more expansive then the last album. Whatever it is, I love it. The album takes you on a gorgeous melodic journey, with highs and lows that create a push pull flow like waves in the ocean. Stand out tracks on the album would have to be the opener “Rooting For You”, “Wild Eyed”, “Leave The War Without Me” and of course the title track “Truth Is A Beautiful Thing”, which is somewhat of a pulled back piano ballad that tugs hard at the heart strings. Also the deluxe edition of the album throws in four bonus tracks, which includes a live rendition of The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” that will melt your soul and send you to heaven.

All in all, if you’re up for something chill but shows strength with melodic grooves that keep your body moving, then this album is for you. Chuck it on your player or throw it through your headphones and treat yourself to some ambient Mondayarvo vibes.