Foundry Records is committed to a sustainable future, that’s why we source all of our meat and produce from local, independent suppliers & organic producers.

All of our menu items are available in Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian alternatives.



All Jaffles // $7.00

Run V-A-C // Kicking it old school with Vegemite, Avocado and Cheddar

The Foundry Stack // Potato and Zucchini rosti stacked with Cheddar Cheese, Spring Onion, and Yoghurt with your choice of either Ham or Eggplant

Stairway To Spaghetti // Tin Spaghetti, Cheddar Cheese and Hot Sauce won’t get you to heaven but it’ll be there when you arrive

Tuner Melt // Tuna, Spring Onion, Mayo, Celery, Carrot, Zucchini & Cheddar

Jaffle Extras

Spaghetti, Tuna, Spring Onion, Celery, Carrot, Zucchini, Vegemite, Eggplant, Spinach, Yoghurt, Baked Beans – 0.50c

Cheese, Tofu, Avocado – $1.00

Ham – $1.50


Avocado Smash // $10.00

Toast (2 slices) // $4.00

We also serve a delicious range of cakes, slices and bakery items for those with a sweet tooth. 



With pride and passion Blackstar Coffee sources their beans from the world’s best coffee growing areas such as the Horn of Africa, the Americas and Asia. Creating delicious blends such as the Revolution Espresso blend with flavours of Malt, Molasses & Caramel, Blackstar have grown into becoming one of Brisbane’s most reputable coffee roasters since opening their doors in 2007.

Our Caffeine Dealers grind Blackstar Coffee beans and steam Maleny Dairies milk to bring you delicious hot brews and tasty chilled Iced Lattes, Iced Chai & Iced Chocolates.


Made from natural fruits, herbs and spices that are ethically sourced from certified organic suppliers, West End Tea Co. ensures a minimal eco footprint and high level of quality in its teas. Packed with antioxidants, West End Tea Co. teas reportedly help clear the body of carcinogens and fight against cell degeneration.

English Breakfast // Earl Grey // Peppermint & Tisane // Lemongrass & Ginger // Indian Masala Chai


Spinach + Ginger + Pear + Mint + Chia Seeds

Banana + Honey + Cinnamon

Mixed Berries + Honey


We have a range of Charlies juices, Phoenix soft drinks, Voss water, & Real Tea Iced Tea.