So, you found our ‘NOT MILK’ page.

Now let’s begin with a pretty big disclaimer, we have nothing against our milk loving brothers and sisters, not at all. If anything, we envy them. What we want is to be charged the same price for our milk alternative option as them! Just look at them all cool and calm as they order their favourite brew. No hidden surprises, no additional costs. Wow… wouldn’t that be the life, right?

Well now we are fighting back the only way we know how! By starting with ourselves.

Foundry Records hasn’t been charging for milk alternatives since it reopened in August 2017. But we want to up the stakes. We want to make this a movement! To be clear we are not saying picket your favourite baristas house with signs asking for your 50c back… but we are saying let’s make this important to the cafés of Australia! They may take our spare change for a coffee, but they will not take our freedom!

Sorry I got a little too Braveheart for a second.

So, down to tax of brass, how do we change the hearts and minds of the café owners of the world? We start with something simple, every time you ask for your triple strength soy latte in your keep cup to go, also just ask if you can have the soy milk at no extra cost. Now if the poor busy barista tells you that isn’t an option, please don’t take it out on them. They are after all the demigods of caffeination. We want a peaceful protest. If they say no, just tell them that Foundry Records doesn’t charge.

If they say yes, take a picture of your coffee, and post it on your preferred (or all) social media platform. Tag us with #foundryrecords and #notmilk so we can keep track of the growth of the movment. Tell the world of the new café that is giving you free milk alternatives if you only ask so others can save too!

One coffee at a time, one question at a time we will take down the milk alternative surcharge!