The Garden – Matinee All-Ages Instore


$10 Tickets available at the door | 4PM
*This is an all-ages show but all under 18’s MUST be accompanied by a guardian over 18.West Coast neo-punk twins, moonlighting models and provocateurs, The Garden are heading to Australia for an East Coast tour and Sounds of The Suburbs appearance!The Garden represent a new, youthful punk scene of the West Coast, with their DIY principles, thrift store-come glam-come 50s housewife fashion style and a list of pick‘n’ mix influences that stretch far beyond The Minutemen. Their minimalistic twopiece bass and drums essence is dirty, raw and immediate. They strip away everything unnecessary about modern punk and get straight to the heart of it.Fact is, The Garden don’t give a damn what you think, they’ve been conceptualising their own style since well before the formation of the band in 2011. The constantly evolving duo from Orange County, Calif consistently defying genre and categorization, so much so, that they created their own term Vada-Vada* to define their sound and escape being pigeonholed.With four releases up their sleeve; three EPs and their debut album ‘The Life And Times Of A Paperclip’ via Burger Records in 2012, the duo have become known for their fast, simplistic, and heavy style. On their debut, they tear through 16 tracks in about the same about of time, with zero time to take a breath.

The duo, not only have captured the attention of the punk scene, but by way of Saint Laurent and creative director, Hedi Slimane. The fashion powerhouse recently paid big bucks to fly these two punks to Paris for Fashion Week, so touring scoundrels Bone Soup thought, “to hell with it, we’ll bring them to Australia”.

The Garden’s shows are experiential and powerful. Arresting a sense of urgency, they throw you heavily into into their parallel world of vada-vada. The duo seduces their audience onto a carnival ride of sound and movement that stops as abruptly as it starts; a close approximation of The Garden experience.

* Vada-Vada: “an idea that represents pure creative expression, that disregards all previously made genres and ideals” – Wyatt Shears (The Garden), 2015

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