Wolf Alice – Visions of a Life – Album of the Week!

Album of the week

Wolf Alice “Visions of a Life”

Released: 29th September 2017

Label: Dirty Hit (Independent)


Forming in 2010, Wolf Alice have developed a very organic following with the emphasis of their success based on gigging, the release of four EP’s and now two full length albums.  After their debut album “My Love Is Cool” successfully reached #2 on the UK charts in 2015, it’s safe to say fans were highly anticipating the release of new music to continue the love affair with the grunge pop Brit outfit.


“Heavenward” is the opening track on the album and starts big and open with reverb saturated guitars and Ellie’s ethereal vocals, before slamming you in the face with the angsty punk antics of “Yuk Fu”, the first single released from the album. With vocal screams and distressed guitars, the song pumps you up and fills you with a confidence that makes you wanna go pull on your jean jacket and doc martens and go yell at something. Following this angst is another shift in style, with “Beautifully Unconventional”, a soft rock 50’s bop number about staying true to yourself. The rest of the album continues to filter through different genre tags whilst still maintaining the signature Wolf Alice alt-rock vibe. From western ballad vibe to folky acoustic to a grunge fuzz whirlpool, this album pushes and pulls and sends you on a journey through all the feels, before finally winding up at the title track “Visions of a Life”, the grungey power ballad the whole album has been preparing you for.


It’s evident that this record is quite a leap forward from the previous album, with greater experimentation of sound and song development. I recommend chucking it through some headphones to really grasp all the layers and raw textures of the production. It may take a listen or two to really appreciate its differences from the bands previous release, but it’s truly worthwhile.